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Excellence is our aim

In Perla Klein Traducciones we translate from/into the following languages:

Spanish English German Korean Czech Hebrew


Portuguese French Polish Slovak Russian
Italian English / French Chinese Swede Arabian Japanese
                    And other lenguages


Legal translations:
Personal documentation. Complaints, letters rogatories, documentary evidence. Bylaws and articles of incorporation. Contracts. Balance Sheets. Letters of Credit. Financial Reports. Patents.

Translations by sworn translators duly registered.

Our service includes the signature authentication.

Texts of any type

Catalogues, leaflets, stationery. Web pages. Economy, legal, marketing, engineering, telecommunications, logistics, agriculture texts.Image and text presentation advisory.

Translation of web pages:
Localization, e-business advisory, and translation of web pages into the language the customer may need.

Revision of texts in any language:
Linguistic, style, punctuation, and technical corrections. Unified glossaries according to the customer's needs.

Translation of export-related articles

Scientific and technical translations:
Research works, publications in specialized magazines, lectures, instruction and technical manuals, and all you may need. Our translation service gives the customer the possibility to have high-level presentations in his/her mother tongue and in his/her translated presentations, which means a high added value for his/her company. For large projects of for projects with translations to many languages we provide a translator to coordinate the project management and optimize the results for the customer's benefit as well as to achieve a high-quality final product. We have all the means to make your job easier, including graphic designs, presentations in Power Point, Photoshop, text scanning, Front Page, and all the necessary means to make the most of it. We also have translation tools.

Your work is delivered through:
A personal interview in your work place or in our office, according to your needs or via: mail, fax, courier company, e-mail.

Our prices depend on variables such as: language, urgency, type of text.


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