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  • Israel Embassy.
  • Companies that carry out physical and computing safety studies for banks and large customers.
  • Chemical and medicinal laboratories.
  • Importers of Surgical and laboratory equipment.
  • Consultant company for safety devices imports.
  • Manufacturers of cutting tools.
  • Manufacturers of electrical ignition starters.
  • Companies for the development of farm technologies.
  • Importers of polycarbonate.
  • Importers of safety boxes.
  • Researcher companies for the genetic development applied to agronomy.
  • Importers of devices for hydraulic works and suppliers of Aguas Argentinas (Argentine water supply company).
  • Medical insurance companies for travelers.
  • Translation of articles for Masortí Newspaper.
  • Translation of poems for the Sidur from the Bet-El Community.
  • Brochure and lectures for the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (delegation that traveled with the Ministry of Economy in February/98).·
  • Importers of agro-chemicalss.


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