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Excellence is our aim

The Lawyer's office managed by Dr. Perla Klein has associate professionals specialized in the different branches of law, and gives an optimum technical counseling in civil, commercial, labor, and penal matters. The office, located in the geographical center of the city, is easy to reach.

Who we offer services to?
· You do not need to be an already established businessman to receive our advisory services. It's better to be very well advised before starting a business project. If we walk together, your steps will be sure.
· If you are an already established small or medium businessman and wish to start more important projects, this is the moment to consult us.
· An investment in legal and accounting counseling may mean your business success and safety. This service will make you have strength and confidence.

· We are specialists in counseling for family business.

· Our legal professional counseling to the companies is complemented with the accounting consultancy, either for the professional usually working with the customer or through the advisory service we provide through the company Grucki & Asociados - Auditors office with accountants and company consultants who have a strong and demonstrable experience. We have a permanent contact with this office, thus making our work coordinated and coherent.

· You will immediately see continuing advantages for your company. The service does not leave spaces for mistakes, thus favoring your safety and your businesses.


  • Representation and defense in any type of civil, commercial, labor, tax or penal cases, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.
  • Drawing up of any type of contracts you may need.·
  • Successions and wills.
  • Insurances: accidents, damages.
  • Expert reports of any type.
  • Collections of money.
  • Exports and imports.
  • Counseling in private or obligatory Mediations.
  • Organization of companies:
  • Commercial, national and foreign companies.
  • Accounting counseling to companies.
  • Advisory related to tax, labor, or municipal provisions.
  • Organization of companies and associations immediately ready to start the activity.
  • Sale of companies through contracts for the sale of stocks, shares or goodwill.· Winding-up of companies.
  • Counseling to prevent insolvency proceedings.
  • Compulsory property liquidations (bankruptcies).FREE CONSULTING SERVICES
  • Either via E-mail, phone or personally with a previous appointment.
  • If you give us your e-mail address, you will be advised by one of our professionals.


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